Café Placzek

Dear Guests,

Let us welcome you to the website of our café. We hope that you will be happy during your visit, that you will enjoy our coffee and homemade desserts and that you will be pleasantly surprised by the friendly staff and environment. It is our intention that you feel good in our café and that you will be happy to come back to visit us again. That is our idea of a serious café, which we opened in our…

on Minoritská Street no. 4.... 

Our dream of owning a café came true in cooperation with the architects Tomáš Rusín and Ivan Wahla (The studio RAW) and the design firm Ateliér DPK s.r.o. with its opening on 2   December 2013 in the house that originally, in 1928, was built by the construction company of Ing. Arthur Eisler for the married couple Rudolfina and Jakub Rosenberg, traders in textiles. This construction company was behind many of Brno's interwar buildings, which include e.g. Hotel Avion, Morava Palace or Villa Tugendhat, realized in the 20s and 30s of the last century. 

The name Café Placzek seemed logical to us, in order for this familiar name, the name of our ancestors, to be returned to awareness in Brno. The name of the Placzek’s (which was also the name of their brand), as known traders, also in textiles, stood for the quality of their goods as well as a serious approach to customers. That motivates us and also obliges us to continue their legacy and to run the café in the same spirit. 

 We are aware that in today's hectic times, very little emphasis is put on the selection of quality food. The offer of fast and poor quality food is booming. Lots of natural substances are being replaced by various accelerators, flavor enhancers and synthetic substances.

So that the café is really for everyone, we included gluten-free pancakes made from gluten-free flour and wholemeal flour on the menu. A substitute for cow's milk can be soy milk. No chemical artificial sweeteners - we have stevia.

The café facilities allow us to bake our own desserts and homemade pastries for you. All meals are prepared fresh, just for you, right after placing your order. No pre-made half-dead food :). This preparation is obviously a bit more time-consuming, but the result is worth it. The staff is well informed, about the complete range of products that we offer, so you can turn to them at any time with your questions.



At Café Placzek we care about the satisfaction of our guests. We approach them in the spirit of the respect and decent behavior of the First Republic. We listen to their wishes and adjust our drinks, meals, and of course desserts in accordance with them. The availability of seasonal foods affects the offer of food and drinks, which is also the reason that it is changed at least twice a year.


We are all too aware that very little emphasis is placed on quality food in these hurried times. The range of poor quality fast food available continues to grow and grow. There are so many natural ingredients being replaced with a variety of accelerators, flavourings and artificial ingredients. Here at Café Placzek, however, we have an entirely different view of how to eat. It is our intention to create a place in which our visitors are comfortable, a place full of aroma and taste. We prepare homemade dishes and drinks using only the very best ingredients, taken from carefully chosen suppliers. We use traditional recipes and procedures. We scour old cookbooks and search for recipes used by our grandmothers and great-grandmothers, but also keep an eye on foreign cuisine and take inspiration from it. In short, we want everything we prepare for you to taste just like “mother used to make”. Even though we “only” have a café kitchen, we try to make all our meals in a way that is healthy and tasty in equal measure.

Coffee and drinks

Our chefs and baristas, carefully trained coffee enthusiasts, are encouraged to be creative and choose the very best coffee for you from renowned roasters at home and abroad. In addition to a varying selection of coffees prepared using a single type of bean, we also have as a permanent feature at the café our own blend, containing 20 % Robusta (four types) and 80 % Arabica. This blend is roasted for us by specialists in Italy. Our baristas work with a top class Astoria Plus 4 You machine and our café can also boast four fresh grinders – two Mahlkonig grinders and two made by Fiorenzato. Bar staff prepare milk specialties using quality whole milk or soya milk. Our range of sweeteners includes white sugar, organic demerara sugar, honey and Stevia. Homemade drinks at the café truly are homemade. We are not overly keen on commercial drinks and so our assortment of drinks includes lemonades made using our own cordials.


We call them goodies. They are lovingly prepared and their strength is almost militant. Needless to say, our confectionery work is supported by a selection of quality ingredients from selected suppliers and the proven recipes prepared. We do not give space to accelerators, solidifying agents or synthetic dyes. While placing such demands on quality preparation, we also try to make the desserts affordable for almost everyone. The reduced quality of ingredients, of course, lowers the price of desserts, but that is incompatible with the philosophy of Café Placzek. Our confectioners are constantly educating themselves, they visit themed courses, peer under the hand of world-renowned masters, study on foreign servers, but in recent times they have also focused on the very popular homemade style. In short cakes like from mom. :-)


At CP we love to talk with our guests because they are absolutely wonderful, positive and educated people. Because they are playful and love to have fun, we invent various events and competitions for them here. And this in turn entertains us! :-) They also deserve to know, what ingredients are used to prepare meals and drinks for them. CP is looking for new recipes in the world, meeting new people, trying new ingredients and we intend to share all of it with you here.

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Minoritská 470/4
602 00 Brno

+420 602 205 555

operator: N.E.M.O. s.r.o., Jiříkovského 4, 60200 Brno, ID No: 25595075
Zapsána v obchodním rejstříku vedeném Krajským soudem v Brně oddíl C vložka 78426.